Terms of Service and Disclaimer

T & C :

Generic terms between us and customer:

  1. Data loss while building up the system is not the responsibility of Doe’sinfotech. Customers are requested to back up their data before hand so that any loss of data while building the website or while doing any deployment is not completely lost.
  2. Proper work agreement before hand is the key process we follow at Doe’sinfotech. We do not want to get in such a situation where it is complained that some mis-agreement is done. Each and every thing is to be well discussed in advance that what is to be built, no changes in approach will be entertained unless it is well conveyed to the team in advance.
  3. Since we believe in prototyping just to avoid unwanted work, we at times will show the client a prototype before building the complete website.
  4. Timely report for the ongoing task will be provided to the client and an acknowledgment for go ahead is our approach, but in case if client misses to share their feed back we will consider it as a go ahead indication from the customer.
  5. Pattern we follow is a weekly or biweekly meeting with customer to update the progress report and to share the unforeseen issues. Dummy data might be requested from customer in order to understand business and any delay in proving data may lead to the delay in the delivery, which will in turn be the responsibility of the customer.
  6. Copyright of content is a responsibility which client has to own as we are not responsible for any claim if it comes for client provided data.
  7. Any negligence from the client side which will cause any change in mid of the project will not be considered and an on spot discussion will be arranged to look into the feasibility and to study the impact. Entire analysis will be conducted and then only a go ahead will be given for redesign and updation of the designed document.


Payment policy:

  1. Payment before due time is something which builds a healthy business is what we believe in. As per Doe’sinfotech policy, any unsuccessful payment or delay in payment post 30 days will allow us to take legal action against customer.
  2. We provide various payment options and have the right to not to accept any payment option if some technical issues exist.
  3. Project ones stated will be delivered only after a specific sprint is completed. Cancellation of project from client side will incur penalty on client and we will be building our dedicated team. Cancellation charge will be applicable on customer and all the work done till the cancellation date will be charged.


Support for third party application:

  1. Doe’sinfotech takes care of any integration with third party tool as per the agreement but any issue with the third party toll is not the responsibility of Doe’sinfotech, though to support client we can provide addition support as we have resources with such a capability by charging on hourly basis.
  2. One month free support is provided by our support team after project delivery which can be extended there after depending upon the agreement and availability of resources. Support team will only work on small changes but if a big change is required then billing will be done on hourly basis.
  3. Freeze document will be created with the team and a basic training on request will be provided to client, to help them understand the tale of the entire deliverable.


We adhere to all the policies stated above and any conflict will give us the right to take necessary action against the client.